Ethical standards and principles are the foundation for maintaining public trust for every individual associated with The Hearth Foundation. The Foundation has adopted the Association of Fundraising Professional’s code of Ethical Principles and Standards.  The code also provides a self-governed process for addressing ethical concerns.  Interested parties may find a summary page of the Code in the appendix or may go to for the complete version. 
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"Providing Affordable Housing for Low Income Families" 
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  • The Hearth Foundation provides affordable housing and related programs, good and services as authoriazed and applicable for low income persons and families.
  • The Hearth Foundation provides a model program for local, regional and national organizations to follow by creating affordable housing communities for low income persons and families.
  • The Hearth Foundation improves the quality of life for its residents by providing an environment where they begin to rebuild their lives and discover the value of community.

The Hearth Foundation’s Mission is to provide affordable housing for low-income families in a safe and secure community environment. The lack of affordable housing for low-income families has taken on epidemic proportions. Economic factors are still causing potential donors to be cautious, which results in continued tightening of public and private funding. Sadly, this results in many low-income families losing the battle against homelessness due to conditions beyond their control. For many of our tenants, this is the first time they and their children have a stable address and a place to call home.

In 2013, we completely renovated our eight-unit King Road Community thanks to an award from the Arizona Department of Housing, a grant from the Diane and Bruce Halle foundation, and guidance from La Frontera of Arizona. The units are energy efficient, light, airy, and each has a small yard. Thanks to Keller Williams Realty, we also have a picnic area with tables and grills. In 2016, we added a playscape in conjunction with an Eagle Scout project. The King Road Community is surrounded by a six-foot block wall; and entrance is gained through a security gate. It is a certified Crime Free Multi-Housing property by the Tucson Police Department

The Hearth Foundation recognizes that the community belongs to those who live there. Our role is to lend a helping hand and work with our residents to coordinate and facilitate events like a Thanksgiving Dinner, Back to School supplies, Holiday Decorating Contests, and a Community Christmas Party with gifts for the kids. We also provide each new tenant with a Welcome Basket containing move-in necessities like a welcome mat, broom, mop, and “green”cleaning supplies.

As the owner/manager of King Road Community, we ensure the property is well maintained, the units are in excellent condition and all appliances are in good working order. We do not ignore or take lightly requests made by our residents and work closely with skilled vendors who understand the importance of getting the job completed correctly in a timely fashion. All of these activities and maintenance issues require a great deal of funds. It is also important to know that our Board of Directors are all volunteers who dedicate their time and efforts in supporting our mission in providing affordable housing for low-income families. We only have one paid part-time employee, our Administrative Assistant.

Looking toward the future, we ask you to "Imagine the Possibilities"! The Hearth Foundation’s goal is to build more units and a community center. This will require several funding sources due to the size and scope. Of course, these funds are limited and demand is great. Until this dream is completed, we will continue to provide our residents with the best place to call home. We hope you will support our fundraising efforts moving forward. Together we will build a better community.

Kind regards,

Lynn Hellwig
Executive Director